What is the difference between a networked and non networked EV charger?

Non-Networked EV chargers do not access internet systems. With this system, you are not able to monitor usage and A non-networked EV charger allows the user free charging when plugged In. these are typically less expensive to purchase

A networked EV charger offers full control of the units, including the ability to charge a fee for the electricity consumed. They connect to a larger network infrastructure and they also store the station’s usage data, including the number of charges per day/time, time of use, electricity consumed per charge, and more. Detailed reports can be run depending on your network provider.  Network Chargers have more electronic components (Ex credit card swipes, touch screens, buttons, etc.) and will require more maintenance and repair over time than a non-networked unit.

The installation of the wiring required for both non-networked EV chargers and networked EV chargers is the same. Installation can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.


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