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Home Charging Station Repair

Is your electric car charging station not working? We can help. Call our service team at (1 877 353 0367) or Email and we’ll diagnose and repair your electric car charging station. We install and service thousands of chargers by Tesla, ChargePoint, GRIZZL E, BOSCH, Wallbox and more.

Commercial Charging Station Repair

Having trouble with your car charger at a business, condo, apartment complex or office building? We install, service and repair charging station systems across the country. We can diagnose, dispatch, and repair your broken electric car charger so your customers can get back to powering up.

If You Can’t Charge, You Can’t Drive!

You don’t have time for a broken EV charging station. Traditional Electric keeps uptime on managed chargers all over the country! Since 2011, our professional service team has worked to keep home, commercial chargers across the country up and running.

Call (1 877 353 0367) or Email For Service On Your Electric Car Charger


Common Reasons That Your EV Charging Station Is Broken


The software or networking in your electric car charger could be the problem. Cellular or WiFi enabled charges may be interrupted by networking signals or software updates. For commercial chargers, customers sometimes fail to pay their annual networking plans or the cellular signal providing the data connectivity to the unit has been interrupted, producing low signal strength or discontinued connection.



A lot goes on inside an electric car charger. There are many opportunities for the hardware to fail, from the input current, fuses and breakers to the charging connector, wires and display screen. With repeated use, these hardware components can fail, especially in harsh environments. Sometimes, preventative maintenance is neglected. We can help get your charging station running again.


Grounding Error

To prevent the risk of electrical shock or fire, the connections and components in electric car chargers are designed to stop working if the electrical current is not properly grounded. There could be a grounding fault issue either in the electric panel or inside your charging station that will require a certified electrical contractor like TRADITIONAL ELECTRIC to repair. Play it safe and give the experts a call.

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