Certified Electrical and Electronics Installer for:

Traditional Values & New Technology

We are a different kind of Electrical Construction & Maintenance company that has built its business on referrals from our many happy customer. This is the "Traditional Values" that represents pride in ones work, good communication, and a result that will motivate you to talk about us to your business partners, friends and family. While keeping with the tradition of electrical construction and maintenance we also believe in the future of electricity as a renewable energy, thus the "New Technology" in our motto. We were one of the first electrical contractors in western Canada to partner with TESLA and AeroVironment for electric vehicle charging installation and renewable energy development. We are also believers in the power of our western sunny skies to produce energy for your home or business. Lets work together to make a bright future for us all.

Let us be a Partner on your Electrical Project

Residential, Commercial or Industrial

After 11 years in the industry we know how to finish a project on time and on budget as we know this is very important to our customers.

Planning and Design

In House Engineering and Drafting

To make a project shine it is recommended we get involved at the planning stage. That is why we have Electrical Engineers so we can generate stamped drawings when a project calls for it.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

The Electrical Industry is Always Changing

Our founder, Taner Cairns, is a long time Master Electrician and believes in the necessity of both education and experience.  He is still very much involved in every level of design and construction to ensure that all electrical permits that bear his name are in line with the values that he built the business on.

Solar Power

The Most Powerful Energy Source in Our Solar System

All of us want to protect our beautiful planet but still need energy to enjoy our lives. See how you can have both by talking with us about harnessing the power of the sun.