How Many Electricians Does It Take To Install The New Ford Lighting Level 2 Charger?

This was one of the first Ford EV PRO charger installs and some of the team members at Traditional Electric wanted to see it in action. So how many electricians does it take to install the new ford lighting level 2 PRO charger? The answer is 4 plus marketing to take pictures.

Here at Traditional Electric, we had the opportunity to Install the Ford level 2 PRO charger for one of the first Ford Lightning delivered in Canada. This particular installation was not your standard EV install, as the job had specific requirements. Nothing our electricians at Traditional Electrical couldn’t handle.

At our initial site inspection due to the layout of the house, it was not possible to access the garage directly from the electrical room. This job required us to install a conduit (at the homeowner’s request) on the exterior of the building to the mechanical room access point.


Exterior Conduit Run

The main electrical panel was full and already had 2 subpanels installed that were also full. Our team needed to install a 3rd subpanel and several circuits needed to be relocated to the newly installed sub panel. this made room for the 2 pole breaker for the Ford EV Pro charger on the main sub panel.

The next complication this house presented required the installation of the Black Box Power management system. The addition of the Ford Charging Station PRO exceeded the house’s load calculation, even though the house already had 200 amp service. Traditional Electrics solution was to provide and install the Black Box power management system for this specific job. The Black box system provides the ability to install up to an 11.5KW or 48A charge rate electric vehicle charger on an existing electrical service that would otherwise cause overloading issues. No need for a service upgrade, and passes local municipality inspections.

Black Box Power Management System


If you are looking to get a quote for your Commercial EV charger installation, (click here for a quote) or have any questions contact us at 1-877-353-0367 or email us at We are more then happy to help. Traditional Electric has you covered and will assist in all steps of the process with you, from design and installation to EV charger selection and software connectivity. We will also assist you in the permitting process and keep you informed of any rebates and incentives your local municipality is offering. Our continual customer service, maintenance, and support will keep your EV charger operational and functioning for years to come.

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