Charging Solutions

Canada's Easiest-to-deploy Electric vehicle charging solution

We work directly with property owners, board members, architects, builders, and property managers to provide the best solution for todays needs and the future vision of your property.

Single Home

We work with single home residential homeowners to provide you with the most cost effective and long-lasting EV charging solution, including smartphone-enabled and plug and play options.

You can charge your vehicle when you arrive home, or schedule charging based on lower electrical rates. We offer Black Box Energy Management to allow you charge faster without upgrading you Electrical Panel or Electrical Service saving Homeowners literally thousands of dollars

Condos + Apartments

We install electric vehicle charging stations in multi-residential properties like condominiums and apartment buildings, working with property managers, condo boards, developers, engineers, and architects to find the best EV charging solutions.

Increase your property value and offer upgraded amenities to your owners and residents.

Commercial + Retail

We work with commercial and retail property owners and managers to install future- proof EV solutions.

The demand for EV charging stations for visitors continues to increase. We offer simple, flexible and non-proprietary EV charging solutions with the ability to monitor, bill and limit access to your public and private stations.

Why Us

Why Use Traditional Electric For Your Charging Needs

Expert Support and Deployment

We are geared to work at designing Simple Solutions for complex or challenging infrastructure problems. Let Traditional Electric guide you through the process from start to finish

Cost Effective Solutions

Make your EV charging stations an investment, not an expense. We provide the best Rebate Solutions in Canada so that you can increase the value of your property and focus on what’s most important for your home, condo, or business.

Flexible and Non-Proprietary

Our solutions offer users the ability to effortlessly adapt with technological changes and not be tied to any one software or hardware provider helping you easily stay up-to-speed with technology for years to come.

We're here for you, from design to finish

Traditional Electric has a large array of choices and works or installs all ev charger manufacturers products


Tell us where you’re at and we will suggest a straightforward course of action. Let’s start by reviewing your design documents and/or conducting a site visit.



Once we understand the unique requirements of your building/parking layout, we will make a product recommendation should you ask for one. Or we can work with your product choice. We are EV Experts


The installation will be handled by one of our Certified Electricians. If you already have a trusted installer, we will walk them through any Commercial Process to help.


Once the Chargers are in the Ground, we provide a fully managed service and maintenance routine to ensure your Chargers last with minimal downtime.


To set the industry standards for quality, functionality, and value for EV customers through complete turnkey charging and energy solutions.


To create a seamless experience for EV drivers and accelerate the adoption of electric solutions worldwide.


Our Values


Everyone and everything functions as part of a greater ecosystem. All employees work together as a team, and serve to benefit all business units and bring company success. All customer and provider interactions are more than mere transactions—, they are partnerships. Every element of our EVC product line is a component of a total solution.


Trust is the foundation of all our relationships and partnerships. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and can be counted on to do what it takes to earn the trust of those we work with. We take the time to listen and understand, to address the needs of our colleagues and customers, and to honor the value of commitment.


Through growth and innovation, change is not only inevitable, but also advantageous. We embrace change within our company and within our products, organically adapting to the developing landscape of the industry. We create, we learn, we become stronger, we evolve.


Our solutions are not built on a one-size-fits-all model. The personalized experience we create is customized to fit the needs of a diverse market, and adapts to maximize functionality for our customers. We tailor our offerings to adhere to different needs, and provide continuous support to ensure expectations are exceeded.

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