Traditional Values & New Technology

The “Traditional Values” that we hold to, represents pride in one’s work, good communication, and a result that will motivate you to talk about us to your business partners, friends and family. While keeping with the tradition of construction and maintenance for residential, commercial and industrial spaces that has been an integral part of our business since inception, we also believe in the future of technology, thus the “New Technology” in our motto. This applies to all three disciplines that we work in.

      For example years ago we were one of the first electrical contractors in western Canada to partner with a small company called TESLA. They were just starting to deliver their first cars to Canada and needed a partner who was both competent and trustworthy to represent the brand. Already having an interest in this field and understanding its potential in these early days, management decided to pursue this partnership and direct a wing of the company to green energy. Shortly thereafter Porsche asked us to partner with them and we have grown from there to encompass all EV brands, charging systems and technologies. We have become the leader in the EV charging field both for residential and commercial applications taking hundreds of projects of many sizes to completion with good results all around Alberta. Since that time we have been asked to represent Tesla with their power wall and soon their new solar roof systems. Since we are also believers in the power of our western sunny skies to produce energy for your home or business. We are continuing to work to develop the emerging solar industry in Western Canada.

      Whether we are working on your electrical, building controls or HVAC we bring our experience, education and founding principles with us. Let’s work together to make a brighter future for us all.


Traditional Electric was recommended by the local Tesla dealer to install the wall adapter. Taner promptly called and was extremely knowledgeable. Over the phone and by asking just a few questions, he was able to provide a reasonable ballpark.

He was able to come by very shortly and once inspecting the site was able to provide a more valid quote. He did his work quietly and responsibly all while respecting our need for work.

We were very happy with this work and would happily recommend him for anyone looking for electrical work. We will have no problem at all calling him back for any future work we may have.

Rajesh Ghosh – Homestars

Taner is a great electrician! He is super reliable and professional. I live in a townhouse with a detached garage so to be able to install a 240V line in there was quite challenging. I’ve gone through multiple places to ask for a quote and they all turned me down stating it’s “too difficult” to do. Taner didn’t do that! He knew it would be more challenging than other home but we worked together to find a solution that is both economical and fits my driving/charging needs. He did a beautiful job and I couldn’t be happier!

Cong Pham- Google

Excellent. Professional who explained options in a very understandable manner. I had two quotes and Taner instilled best confidence at a competitive cost. Very happy with my Tesla charger installation. Works great. Highly recommend.

William Robson – Google

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